Our Mission

Advance Learning Academy offers an educational experience catered to each student. Our mission is to focus on developing the whole child, exhibiting increased comprehension and positive behavior changes. Through a safe and nurturing environment, children become committed to life-long learning, developing self-accountability and governing values based on Christian principles. Contact us to learn more.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Advance Learning Academy to be known by...

  • children as the inspiration for creating life-long learners through motivational, quality education tailored to the individual needs of our students, equipping them with the life skills of accountability, confidence and positive self-image resulting in respectful, moral, productive citizens.
  • parents as the "saving grace", providing a quality educational program, utilizing the tools and techniques for individualized instruction in a non-stressful, non-intimidating environment. Through a collaborative effort, we create an enriching, rewarding and refreshing experience in a wholesome family atmosphere.
  • community as creating an exceptional learning program that develops productive and contributing citizens to society by providing character building through quality instruction by highly skilled teachers.

Our Values

We believe our values should be our compass for all our decisions and displayed in our behaviors and interactions with our customers, partners, employees and our community. We hold the following values as absolute necessities to insure our success.

  • Passion to satisfy the unique needs of each child.
  • Delivering the highest quality curriculum available.
  • Instilling confidence, accountability and respect in students through a nurturing, comforting and consistent environment.

Parent Testimonials

Truly grateful

"Mrs. Caroline,

Your vision has truly helped my son in his development in every way.  To all the teachers, especially Mr. White, you all have been first handed and fundamental with encouragement, time, sweat, frustration, love, financial help in making my son a young man.  I could not have made it, especially as a two job working single mother.  The time you all have placed/poured/prayed in and over my son has been a Godsend."

Wonderful and caring environment

"My son is graduating this year; he has attended since 6th grade, making this his 7th year! It has been a wonderful experience through the years and my son has turned out to be a fantastic young man. As a parent, I would like to say it was my parenting, but know that who he is around all day has a major impact on shaping him; how could it not. I hope the parents and students see what a wonderful and caring environment they have chosen for their children by having them attend Advance Learning. I wish you all the very best in the future with all that you and your children do. This chapter is coming to a close in a couple of months and I appreciate all the Advance Learning staff has done."

My child was struggling in the public schools

"Prior to my child attending Advance Learning Academy, she was clearly struggling in the public schools. With the class sizes and limited teacher availability for the one-on-one interaction that she needed, she was in danger of falling through the proverbial cracks. She “hated” going to school and her self-esteem was plummeting. After enrolling her in Advance Learning, she has improved in all areas of learning…even finding a love for art in the process. Now she comes home with a smile, and is always ready to go to school in the mornings."

This school gives him the best chance of success

"Thank you so much for sending the assessments home. They confirm some things we have suspected and have been concerned about. I am so happy that we made the decision to move him to Advance. I believe that your school gives him the best chance of success. I pray for you all each day….thank you for your help."

My son looks forward to school!

"During my son’s 5th grade year he had difficulty with bullying and 9 other issues. Over the year he would complain of not feeling well and didn’t want to go to school. Each day I would pick him up and he never had anything positive to say; in his years prior to 5th grade he had always been upbeat about school. My son asked if he could be home schooled and we did try but with both of us having to work, this was simply not an option for us. We decided to try Advance Learning. While he was apprehensive initially, he has really come out of the shell that he had started to build. He is happy, looks forward to going to school, loves his teachers and learning new things. He is now in his fourth year at Advance Learning. I feel this is the best decision we have made for our son."

The staff was supportive of our family

"Advance Learning Center/Academy has been a very positive experience for my son.  My son has spent 8 years at Advance Learning Center/Academy.  He has spent more years in the school than anyone else.  The teachers will go out of their way to call and talk to parents on their own time.  Also, having a professional artist on staff has helped my son develop in both writing and creative art.  During a very rough time at home during my son’s senior year, the staff was so supportive of our family.  The staff really had my son’s dad and my back.  They stood by our decisions and helped my son realize his school and his family were more important than other things.  My son has graduated, now, from Advance Learning Center/Academy.  We have all grown together and I know I can call on the staff at Advance Learning any time."

He loves the field trips

"My son has been going to Advance Learning since 7th grade. Now he is in the 10th and he loves the field trips. I used to go with him all the time, but now he acts like he is too old for Mommy to be around. All the teachers have been wonderful to my son and I am blessed to have them in his life. The school field trips are the best for the kids. They learn a lot. Sometimes these kids need to go on field trips to explore and enjoy their day besides being in a classroom. I wish everyone the best and may God bless our kids. These kids are the future."

The most well bahaved and engaged groups we have had

" The Davenport House Museum was happy to host the students, teachers, and chaperones of the Advance Learning Academy on Friday March 6th. We have hosted many student groups over the years and this was one of the most well behaved and engaged groups we have had. It would be a pleasure to have them back anytime!"